Discover your own Clown

The big difference is that the Clown does not try to make you laugh, he tries to be himself. A trip to rediscover your most beautiful side
"The Clown is a balm for the soul" - Angelo De Castro


In this workshop the Clown is not taken as a character; an entity alien to ourselves, but rather as part of our ourselves. It is abour connecting with our own ridicule, playing with our clumsy, innocent, beautiful, fragile, naive and pure side.
This is the pleasure of the Clown, to show us as we are, without censorship, fear; just being ourselves.


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Clown workshop
Duration 16 hours
Workshop materials

Important Notes

Available under reserve
Hours: Saturday and Sunday 08h00 - 16h00
Location: Variable
Languages: Spanish
The work is strictly personal, there is not one Clown equal to another

Workshop goals

Be yourself and accept us as we are
Show yourself in front of others transparently, vulnerable, without prejudice, without censorship or fear
Promote pleasure and honesty as main elements of the Clown
Generate precise organic experiences that serve as tools of self-knowledge and acceptance

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