Adventure, flavors and ease.


The perfect combination of adventure, flavors and ease

The Ecuadorian coast is a mix of small villages, white sandy beaches, good weather, friendly people and delicious food. Whether you want to catch some waves, relax in the beach and get tanned, go on a daily excursion to see the whales or go out by night, the coast offers visitors the perfect option to relax and have fun.

General Information


23°C (73°F) to 30°C (86°F)

Anual Average
82°F (28°C)


Plantain Bolón


Guayaquil: International Airport José Joaquin de Olmedo
Salinas: National Airport Ulpiano Paez


Fiesta Juliana
Rodea Montubio


Santa Elena
Sun Route

Main activities

Natural sightseeing
Adventure Sports
Whale watching

Places not to miss


Ecuador´s largest city with about 3,000,000 inhabitants. Situated at sea level its port “Puerto Maritimo” is the main sea port of the country where about 80% of the country´s imports and more than 50% of its exports are handled.

Guayaquil´s churches as “La Merced” or “San Francisco”, the beautiful cemetery below “Cerro el Carmen”, several museums, the Botanical Gardens and parcs (the Parque Bolivia in front of the Cathedral is filled with tame iguanas) definitely worth a visit.


We can divide the history into two parts, we have the ancient history of Montanita as native place (territories Valdivia culture) and recent history that we can place it back about 40 years ago.

Surfers few years ago reached the coast and discovered the tip of Montanita wonderful and powerful waves, cultural richness, variety of seafood. It is a place with a vibrant nightlife.

Sun Road

The Province of Santa Elena with its 3 provinces Salinas, La Libertad and Santa Elena, as well as the Puerto López and Puerto Cayo Canton in Manabí, received the name “La Ruta del Sol”, a natural and cultural area of ​​great importance for tourism In the coastal strip of Ecuador.

On the road are diverse points of interest like nature sighseeing, culture and heritage, recreational and adventure sports, sites for health or religious tourism, traditional cuisine.



Bolon is a traditional dish of the coastal villages made of plantain and cheese.


Viche is a traditional soup based with fish or shrimp and peanut which is delicacy accompanied with cassava, worth trying


Internationally recognized, the Ecuadorian Ceviche is a cold dish that blends the exquisit flavors of the sea. Just delicious


Encocado is a flavorful sauce made from the coconut used to prepare seafood. A true delicacy.

Culture and Traditions

Fiestas Julianas

Pregones, retretas, fairs, festivals, exhibitions and serenades are part of the program of the Julian Festivals on the occasion of the Foundation of Guayaquil. Celebrations begin on July 1st and last the whole month.

Rodeo Montubio

It is in the province of El Oro, in towns like Pimocha and Vinces, or in the surroundings of Balzar, province of Guayas, where montubios rodeos can be found. They are popular festivals accompanied by a lot of color, where they parade and riders compete, distinguished men, with their typical costumes that count with the essential hat of thatch.